International Expansion

If you are a business, looking to expand to the European market, WorkFor can provide you best in class end-to-end Consulting, Admin and HR Solutions. We will analyse your business needs and will propose a few solutions, such as registering an in-country legal entity and running the payroll and accounting for you or renting to you one of our existing legal entities. We will also manage the local benefits for you - Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Pension and such extras as Lunch Vouchers, Car Lease, Internet and Mobile Allowance .

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Employment Solutions in European locations

  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • France
  • Romania
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Moldova

Employer of Record solutions

WorkFor is one of the most trusted European Employment Solutions provider in the industry. We can help you to face the issue you are having with quickly and legally expanding to European markets and we can employ the employees in Europe - within just 48hrs. With our local offices in each country and our own bilingual experts , we can recruit , hire , register and payroll employees in a direct , automated, convenient and most of all - legal way.

Entity Leasing Solutions

If your company is considering the possibility to do business abroad you should take into account the fact that a temporary solution to do so is to lease a legal entity in your targeted country (country of your interest). Our company contributes directly to making the process of business expansion more flexible, in ten days, WorkFor can lease you a fully operational legal entity together with its own office.

Recruiting Solutions

At WorkFor we are driven by the idea that talent is a core part of any business, that’s why we want to help other companies find their perfect match of an employee. We have our own recruiting platform which eases the process of finding the best candidate for your company. Our presence in Europe’s top locations together with our bilingual experts guarantees that you will benefit from our support in the most efficient way possible.

HR Consulting Solutions

Our company offers permanent support in the field of HR in order to foster the best functioning of your business. Our consultants have the mission to ensure that the personnel is handled in the right way and is given the proper tasks in order to receive the highest level of productivity and efficiency. Keeping up to date with the latest employment laws and legislation is one of the things we can do for your company to thrive. We pride ourselves on providing effective management solutions of your employees which will help you understand the real value of your workers. Our team is capable of generating a whole new HR strategy for your company so that you could fully understand what path to choose in order to register continuous progress from your performed activities. Using our HR Consulting Services your company will benefit from an organizational performance that will set clear and well-defined goals for your employees so that they know what to do during the process of deliv- ering the company’s business aims.